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50th Birthday Party in the Algarve

In this present climate of *social distancing many events for this year have been scaled down to allow more space for guests to be, and feel safe, but at the same still enjoy the company of their family, friends and colleagues.

Despite the scaling down, our clients still like the flowers to play a large part in the event decorations. This is why when were approached by ARW Weddings and Events to decorate for a small scale party for a family friend, we were pleased that they wanted the floral arrangements to look luxurious and plentiful; but at the same time because it was an informal event for ten guests, they wanted the decorations to look relaxed too.

We worked closely with Amanda and Charlotte from ARW to come up with two design concepts, one for the alfresco drinks lounge and the other for the main dining area in the garden. They shared details of their friend who is quite quirky and colourful in personality and in her choice of fashion attire. This gave us a lot of freedom to play with a whole spectrum of colours, textures and varieties of flowers and greenery. The shade of bright pink was already a feature of the garden, therefore we decided this would be the dominate colour throughout.

The main pillar supporting the front of the house we decorated with a seven metre garland of mixed greenery, encrusted with flowers of primary and secondary colours, i.e. blue, red, pink, purple and orange.

And in the main dining area we decorated each of the four pillars with floral cascades, and built a false ceiling just above the dining table, and from there we hung hundreds of colourful flowers, to create a luxury hanging garden.

We also created a series of vases filled with field type flowers that graced the beautiful place settings, designed by Amanda and Charlotte.

Normally, when we are decorating for events and weddings we don’t have the luxury of time to take photographs of our completed work and therefore we are so grateful to the Portuguese photographer, João Cabrita Silva for his beautiful photographs.

We were pleased by the final look, and even happier by the reaction of the birthday lady. When she saw the decorations she was so overwhelmed that she cried happy tears.

A roll call of thanks to everyone, i.e. Amanda, Charlotte, João, and our two flower assistants, Nada and Susan, all your hard work really paid off.

*At the time of writing this blog, many countries of the world are just getting back to a normal kind of business and social life again after the Covid 19 virus caused the world populace to shut down for nearly four months.

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